Being Big Brother


Day 8 Best Bits: The celebs’ second day in the land of Oz. Munchkins Jedward and Tara continued their part of the task, while magician David Penn had a special mission for Pamela the cowardly lion.

Tune into the first eviction show, 9pm tomorrow on Channel 5, to find out how the Housemates got on.

I’ve just caught up on Big Brother, and I have to say: I actually love the new editing style.

The flashbacks and montages mean the action isn’t completely linear, so it flows better than it used to. The name graphics mean Marcus doesn’t have to introduce every scene, so he’s a welcome presence instead of an irritant.

And the fact the changes are geared towards “casual” viewers means I don’t feel like I “have” to watch every day to know what’s going on. That makes a long series of Big Brother feel less daunting and makes me want to watch every episode.

If they could just start subtitling Paddy and Pamela’s conversations, it’d be perfect.

- Mike